I’m Afraid of Digital

I’m Afraid of Digital

In 2007, we launched the Digital Media arm of Mid-West Family Broadcasting’s Southwest Michigan stations. And in every one of those years, I’ve encountered a client (or two, or 20) that was completely afraid of doing any digital advertising.

Now, things have changed quite a bit. I spend more time convincing people not to cancel their incredibly successful radio campaigns because they got a taste of $10 Facebook boosted posts, and considered it their new marketing strategy. What happened?

It’s easy to answer. Digital is tangible, trackable, clickable. It’s fun, and interactive. But I’m afraid of it.

Wait, the Digital Guy is afraid of his own product?

Not quite. What I’m afraid of is Digital that is used incorrectly. Digital that replaces mass media in favor of a few euphoric rushes of impressions reports from a post you made is not a marketing campaign. In fact, Digital advertising as a whole that is focused on posting a few photos on Instagram each day, or answering comments and reviews on Facebook, is not marketing either.

It’s a piece of a much larger pie. Such a small, expensive piece, that it takes more and more and more Digital spending to equal the value and reach of radio. Especially local radio, where my six radio stations target hyperlocal areas of Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties.

So don’t be afraid of Digital like I am. Be afraid of bad Digital decisions. Be afraid of cancelling your marketing strategy because that Boosted Post button is so much easier to use than sitting down in a meeting with a creative team from our company, who are ready to craft a branding campaign across multiple channels effectively and with great care.

One of the best Digital buying decisions you can make is by surrounding your brand with locally-produced content on locally-driven websites and apps that are hyperlocal to the area, but not so niche that you’re entering in to an auction with national brands and paying $5 a click.

What I recommend is a solid radio branding campaign, coupled with a once-in-a-blue-moon BOGO offer that we currently have through September 30th (or while inventory lasts) for our MoodyontheMarket.com and Town Crier Wire products. If you buy a Digital schedule on these two products, you’ll receive one free product placement. We’ve already had several local clients take advantage of this offer.

If you buy annually, you’ll be in front of hundreds of thousands of users and millions of impressions, all with the help of our expert creative team who will do all of the design work and guide you along the process through your brand messaging. It’s just as easy as hitting that Boosted Post button, but all it takes is a few occasional meetings to stay on the right track, but the return on investment will be worth it.

Step up from Boosted Post advertising and in to a marketing plan that will pay off. It’s not scary. It’s radio, it’s digital, and it’s local. Just like you.